Weekend update.

A nice quiet weekend – I think Jeremy and I are almost fully recovered. I coughed only once in the middle of the night last night.

I’m feeling old these days, I gave up Facebook and Instagram about thanksgiving last year. This past week, I had to delete youtube off of my phone. It’s those reels or shorts or whatever they are, they really get me. The things that last 10 seconds and then you flip past them. All the apps have them, I just hadn’t explored them very much on youtube, but once I started, somehow they just draw me in. I can’t control my time very well around it. And somehow, I feel more anxious when I do these things. But without all these apps, I miss photos of friend’s children doing nice things – being in France, playing music, playing with each other. I don’t know the tiktok songs/dances. It is, honestly, a somewhat big price to pay. A lot of chatting revolves around posts that people have posted or funny memes or whatever. I constantly feel out of touch, so now I’m less anxious, but I feel dumb and old. I’m not sure it’s better.

When I was young-ish, a middle schooler, I loved reading at night in my closet. I did it all the time when the house was quiet. I kind of want to do that again – all the time. I’d drag my comforters into the closet and shut the door and hang out with myself there.

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