Jeremy saw his parents and Ben in Pennsylvania yesterday. A pleasant visit for all. Everyone seems well.

I’m in two two-person book clubs! (The book selections are very different.) Sofi wanted me to read this book (below: Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper) that she’s reading at school for a project and so I ordered it and had it sitting on my bedside table (Book club books are paper only). And then the next time she saw me, the first thing she asked was if I had read the book. I sheepishly said that I had made it to page 3 and she looked at me like – so I thought you were going to read the book with me. I asked what page she was on and she said page two hundred something. I might have groaned and then she countered – it’s a quick read!! I stopped at page three because I realized that it was a book about a brilliant disabled child constrained by her palsied body and (at least at the beginning) trapped in a special needs classroom where no one knows of her cleverness. I understand why Sofi wants me to read this book, but I’m already not entirely enamored of the subject – it makes me sad. (Not that I don’t like books about disabilities, I love Wonder, I love Of Mice and Men). But it has 10,000 awards and many many good reviews and Sofi is right, it is a quick read – I’m hoping that it’ll be triumphant in the end. I dunno, I’m concurrently reading a book with Vickey that has scenes of animal cruelty and we spent some time yesterday on the phone discussing that scene in particular and, omg!

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  1. One time Kiki told me when I was complaining about not being able to get through a bunch of reading material that not all books are meant to be read. It was such a great thing to say to me because I realize she was right. If I’m not enjoying it I don’t have to finish it I always felt guilty about that but Kiki is a wise woman and I took it as permission to say I don’t like this book & I don’t have to read it!

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