I’m still in a bad mood, slightly more depressed than I like to be at baseline. One would figure after all these years, I mostly know how to manage the moods, but I don’t like being in the middle of them.

Yesterday, I went to the Family Law self-help center for help with Edda’s guardianship case. We filed the case incorrectly the first time and then corrected it and succeeded in opening the case. Then they mailed a pile of paperwork to me and I needed to understand how to serve the interested parties. So I went and waited at the self-help center to figure out who I needed to mail letters to and with what level of witnessing/certified letter. I got assigned to an attny who had given lots of presentations that I had attended about guardianship, so it was nice to be able to work with him. I think I should be able to get this done without much problem.

Jeremy is off on a weekend biking adventure with Emy and along the way, he’ll see his parents and Ben (from Sweden) – this was not planned, at least the Ben part, but it worked out just fine. His work trip in June to California might be cancelled because of covid, I can’t quite believe how bifurcated pandemic response is in this country. Lots of offices are having parties and gatherings. His office held a single in-person gathering (the office’s first since 3/2020) where people flew in a few weeks ago – maybe 40 people attended and 2 people got sick and one sick person had to isolate and recuperate at the place of the meeting and not at their home city. So then this throws into disarray all subsequent meeting plannings. His boss in California who has young children said 10% of the kids at daycare have covid now. It took us only about 3 weeks of “regular” socializing to get sick.

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