Dog and running.

We are still dog sitting Scarlett. I’m concerned about her owner, his blood counts are still wonky – hence, the continued dog sitting.

2021 was a banner year for running. I wasn’t really injured, I trained well, I had a nice race. I exercised more than 15,000 minutes on my peloton (not all running, some yoga, some strength training, some meditation) and for that, they unexpectedly rewarded me with branded clothing that they probably couldn’t sell last season. $95 dollar leggings and a $45 dollar shirt which I delighted in because I would never spend so much on leggings or a shirt. But what goes up must come down. I did run some glorious and extended long trail runs in Dec/Jan/Feb, but in March, I had to take an easy month because I had overextended myself and my perpetually injured shoulder was killing me and then in April, I had covid. I did not do much more than walks around the neighborhood and slow, short, shuffling jogs. But I’m ok with that. I’m happy that I don’t seem to have long covid which makes me short of breath on exertion. I’m happy with the puttering runs, but I’m also happy to start training again.

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