Reading and calling.

Vickey and I are reading On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. It is a beautifully written book and we are enjoying chatting about it even though we are only on page 45-ish. I was reading it over the weekend and halted at the first whiff of animal torture and put the book down. Vickey continued reading through the whole bit and then warned me about bad things that are going to happen (which, of course, I knew before I even started the book) without any spoilers and now I’m reluctant to pick it up again. But I will eventually continue, hopefully today.

We had an hour-long phone call with SSA yesterday. A phone interview – I somehow got intensely agitated and nervous in advance of the phone call (I understand generally for no reason, just my own head working against itself). I am doing most of the logistical paperwork for Edda’s adulthood, Jeremy is my cheerleader. I get mired in difficult to understand legal things, or frustrating procedural things and I get discouraged and frustrated and then I turn to him. He calms me and reassures me, sometimes he drops things off at the court house or leaves phone messages at help-desks for me or buys me a cookie. Yesterday, he came into my office as I was warily waiting for the incoming phone call. He was sweaty and still in his workout clothes and asked if I wanted company for the phone call. I said yes (surprising myself – because usually company makes me more nervous than no company) and he sat down next to me and we took the call on speaker together. It went fine.

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