Hello loves. I floated to the oncology floor yesterday. As I was driving to work, I was thinking – this is for sure the 4th to last shift I’m going to do. I’m weary and aimless and it’s thankless and sometimes people are mean to me and sometimes I cry. I’m pretty sure I should be paid about 8 dollars more an hour, but I’m loathe to do anything about it (mainly finding another job that pays 8 dollars more and then presenting it and then threaten to leave unless they match it). I groaned when I showed up and found out that I was floating – but the night charge nurse had called up and asked that I have a light assignment and light assignment I did get – four patients, all nice. And it was a great shift, the entire unit was very nice to me, I had a nice tech, charge was nice – people helped me and I helped them. My patients were nice (and dying – it was, of course, the oncology floor). I got them chocolate cake and phone numbers to radiation oncologists.

I think I’m nice too, but because I’m nice, I think I’m dull – not interesting, in conversation or company. I actually find other nice people dull and often prefer friends whose first adjective would not be nice. And sometimes I sigh this to Jeremy while I fall asleep – I’m so dull, it’s so dull to be nice. It’s dull, but people still like it, like vanilla ice cream. Jeremy doesn’t contradict that I’m dull – he says to me, it’s much better to be nice than interesting. Hahaha.

We bought a beautiful set of pots/pans for Vince – his roommate moved out for the summer and took his set of cookware with him. It was not a good roommate match this year, which was fine – they each had their own room and his roommate was often not at home, but it was still a shared space. Vince has the apartment to himself for a few months and couldn’t cook because of the lack cookware. Vince is a wonderful cook and loves to feed his friends and he said – I want some pots/pans that will last me the rest of my life. Jeremy picked the knock-off All-Clad brand (best price from – all metal and ready anytime for an induction stove. Heavy in the hand and can go from stove to oven. Of course, it probably would have been fine to but the 8 piece set, but we bought the enormous 14 piece set. He got it yesterday after I had come home from the shift (he facetimed while he walked to the mail room to pick it up) and he set up his iPhone so we could watch the unboxing. Cooking (J&V) and eating (D&E) are big deals in this family. Vince had been eating crap food all week because of the lack of cookware (and because people knew he wasn’t leaving and gave him lots of stuff, including Dr. Pepper, instant cup-0-noodles and girl scout cookies) and right after he opened the box, he said – now I gotta go cook me a regular meal!

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