Hair & guitar

Jeremy was asked to fill out a form which asked what color his hair is. He was about to check off “brown”, which he has done his whole life, but then he thought maybe he should check off “gray”. He asked the person at the desk (? – do you think my hair is brown or gray?) and she replied – I think you should mark off gray. And then I think Jeremy was a little taken aback and she kindly defended herself by saying – the choice is marked gray/partly gray. Hahaha. Just a few days ago, I found a gray streak (meaning a clump of hair that is all white) on my head in the center of my crown. I’m contemplating a hair style which will show off this streak. I kind of love my gray hair(s) – so few women go gray, but I enjoy it.

That evening, Jeremy asked if there was any brown hair left on his head. I said he had a stripe effect on the back of his head, but I’m not even sure that that is brown anymore. I think it’s dark gray.

I reluctantly gave up Spanish – I just couldn’t make it happen, it was frustrating and I was not making good enough progress to feel like I was drawn to it everyday. It felt like a chore, I don’t want things that feel like a job. But I got a guitar free from Edda’s closing camp. I’m trying it out. It’s for sure more fun than Spanish. Sofie wants to take lessons with me in the fall. That is an interesting proposition.

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