Elka and the fair.

I took Elka to the vet yesterday to check for a UTI. Elka is still not 100% housebroken. She needs to be taken out every couple of hours, even though she’s capable of holding pee all night long. I looked into the archives of the blog and noted that I did the same for Maxi. haha. Maxi was a slow housebreaker too. So Elka (of course) has no UTI, but she has both an eye infection and an ear infection! So the vet had a few suggestions many of which we are doing and one that we are not – which is to teach Elka to ring a bell to ask to go out. I’ve never trained a dog to do this, but I ordered the bell and some spray cheese. We’ll see how it goes. While I was out with Elka, Pip missed me and brought my slipper to Jeremy in his office where he was working and when he took it from his mouth, Pip went to retrieve the other one. Awww… I think pip likes me.

Vince went to work at the fair yesterday for old times sake. A bunch of his good friends (his age) are working and the weather is so beautiful. I was happy that he decided to do this.

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