Hot and no shame.

It is hot here today! But we were outside this morning, Jeremy biking and me at the dog park with the doggies and Edda at camp. I’m working 3 shifts at the hospital in 6 days which is a totally normal amount to work, but unusual for me. So I’m trying to rest a bunch and taking time off the desk job. I finished my first shift yesterday, the next is tomorrow, I’ll have the weekend off and then finally the last one on Monday. Then I don’t have to be at the hospital when Vince is here! I came home last night and snuggled with the doggies. I think I look a lot like my mom in this photo.

We are hosting Tianpei for a month while he is between gigs.. He told me that he made it to the final round of auditions for the NY Phil (violin) a few years ago. Then I realized I have no shame anymore. I’ll practice my dorky ukulele right in front of him, no problem – basically playing Mary had a Little Lamb, missing notes, slightly out of tune and not on the beat. But I don’t care. I would have been mortified to do that 25 years ago.

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