The weekend I missed.

While I was working at the hospital, Jeremy and Edda had an unusually packed weekend. This started with a Friday night excursion to Baltimore to see Seth who was in town for a conference. Doubt of the success of this excursion crept into Jeremy’s mind as he navigated traffic between here and there, but it turned out to be a wonderful night. The three of them together went to half-price Friday night at the aquarium which instead of being incredibly expensive, was just expensive.

Edda loved the fish. They had been doing a unit on fish at school during the week, so this visit tied in nicely.

Then they had dinner – so late!

Seth was able to do some amazing networking at the conference, so that was good news.

On Saturday, Ning and Brian held a housewarming party – full of food. I told Jeremy to look around to see if they needed anything for housewarming and Jeremy was like – they are missing nothing! So I still need to figure out what to get them.

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