Charlotte in LA

I went to LA for Charlotte’s memorial service last weekend with Katherine (sorry Ruth! I didn’t have time to say hello <3, please forgive me). The service was lovely and touching. Katherine spoke during the formal service and many, many people spoke of Charlotte lovingly. Charlotte had many friends of all ages! This is certainly a life goal, to have friends that span the generations.

I ran around Beverly Hills early in the morning and on a weekend, so it was quiet and I had the streets to myself. I saw a young couple who were clearly instagramming.

I did see two family members who live in LA, Arlinda who is my cousin (no photo! I forgot) and also my Aunt Liz. I ate incredible well with the Lees. Arlinda wanted to go to the Ritz in Marina del Rey and Liz wanted to go to Bistro Na’s which serves Imperial Court Food. Fancy. Srsy – fancy.

Julia hosted us at her lovely home, we cooked and ate and laughed together. So much travel for me! I’m still trying to recover a bit.

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