Booster and fun.

I got my covid booster + flu shot on Tuesday (the last one in the family, everyone else got it weeks ago), I timed it to match my taper in my marathon training – to do it early in the taper, but not too close to the marathon itself. I could have waited until after the marathon, but honestly, I have a whole stack of medical things that need to be done that I’ve been postponing until after the marathon including my shingles shot, the delightful colonoscopy, my mammogram, etc that I didn’t want to wait too long for these shots. Also, I need the flu for working at the hospital and I think the deadline is the end of October? Anyways, it was my first time getting Moderna for no particular reason and my watch could tell that I got it (I have a Garmin watch, not an Apple watch). I had the shot at 11:30 am and then suddenly at about 3 am at night, my watch could tell something fishy was going on. Usually on a quiet day, it stays mostly blue. On nursing days, it does go into the orange a lot, but there are breaks into blue here and there, but this orange is steady and unrelenting. And it lasted through the night last night as well – I was stressed out while sleeping. I did take the day off yesterday and slept, but today, I feel pretty good. I’ll go for a run.

Vince is having a fantastic time at school. A delight to behold, honestly! Joy for me to see him doing well and having fun. There is something about being a junior that is MAGIC. I miss him! Other families have their kids close by at UMD and I can be jealous that their kids drop by and say hi. But it’s ok. He’s living the dream out in California (in this windowless room in the basement of the ChemE building, hahaha.)

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