Working in the DC office.

After complaining about being home together all the time, of course, Jeremy headed into work on Thursday. I think his group has decided that Thursday is the day to meet at the office, although I think it hasn’t been formally set yet and remains complicated as people have changed all their childcare routines to be more in line with the at-home-all-the-time model. But! Jeremy enjoyed talking to the group members who did show up and had impromptu meetings and discussions that were helpful. Work from home is great and terrible at the same time.

The high attendance in the office was because there was an event in the late afternoon/early evening which everyone wanted to attend, because, why would you not with very fancy heavy hors d’oeuvres. (Jeremy procured a cookie for me which I ate happily for breakfast the morning. Not the best pre workout there is.)

I asked Jeremy the day before if he was going to Metro in or bike in and he said he was leaving early and biking in and would be late coming home. He came in at 10:30 pm which meant that he was biking on the canal in the pitch black (with lights). And it was cold! I was already asleep, still trying to sleep off the vaccine, and I barely noticed him come back into the house. I woke up this morning completely refreshed. My watch told me that I was back at 100%! That’s me. 100% ready for anything. lol.

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