Elka-Belka aka poopyface.

So Elka’s been with us for about 5 months now and she is beloved. She is sweet, outgoing, loves us, loves Edda, loves other people, loves other dogs, easy to walk and full of personality. She loves to play and will modulate her playfulness to match her partner – gentle for aged small dogs like Pip and rowdy with more aggressive pit bulls at the dog park. She loves it all and we love her for it.

She immediately makes friends with strangers.

And loves on Edda everyday (this is her saying – good morning Edda!).

But we all have our flaws and Elka’s flaw is that she will never be truly housebroken. She can hold her pee for 10 hours as she does every night. But during the day, if we delay ever so slightly past 2.5 or 3 hours, see will pee in the house. And she will brazenly pee in the house. Just yesterday, she walked to within three feet of my desk, looked me in the eye and peed on the rug. I’m like – dude! at least you need to find a hiding spot to pee like far away from where we sleep/play/work so I know that you know that you are not supposed to pee in the house.

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