Various updates.

I tried to take a passport-like photo of myself before giving up and going to Walgreens to get it done. But in these photos, I look…old. My eyes aren’t quite looking at the same spot, my skin is slightly mottled. The grey hair. The old lady shirt.

I’ve been trying to get a new stroller for Edda. Because of who-knows-what now… pandemic-supply issues, computer issues or staffing issues, Convaid, the manufacturer of the strollers is behind schedule so I waited about 6 months for this stroller. Yesterday we went in for a fitting and we were trying a new model of stroller which has a more tilted fit, but was more difficult to get Edda in/out of. So I went to the appointment in the morning and then I decided to refuse delivery and then I took Jeremy and Edda in the afternoon for a second trial and we decided to return it and wait another 6 months for delivery? I like the color at least.

Sofie and Mike came over for dinner last night and brought fried chicken, yummy yummy and then we played a mean came of Jenga.

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  1. Omgawsh Doris I thought you looked beautiful when I opened the blog and saw your picture!So funny how we view ourselves.

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