Holiday party.

We visited Edda’s class for the annual holiday party. We brought the fancy cupcakes (including gluten-free for her teacher, Mr. Pat) – sometimes I can get cranky about the cupcakes because they are expensive and we have to drive to Bethesda to get them, but they are a bit of consumer and sugary magic. We celebrated birthdays and being together. I did cry for a moment when I got home. Only because I am so grateful for her classroom and how I’ll miss it terribly in a few years when she can’t go anymore. (When Edda was a wee kid in elementary school, I used to cry because it seemed so sad with all the kids. These days, I feel like these kids are triumphant, working with what they have and what they’ve been dealt with grace, grit and determination.) Here we are with Edda’s good friend Izzy and her teacher Mr. Pat. Izzy and Edda are like two peas in a pod.

Edda looking at her cupcake.

Sofie was over last night to make some LA county school district coffee cake and that went very well. And today she’s running a fever… I won’t go into how complicated Christmas is becoming with various people not feeling well. I’m thinking I’m not feeling well too.

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