A lot.

Well, yesterday was a day: 1) Noah was still here in the am, a bit teary, but Brian picked him up to go to day care and we took down the tent in our bedroom, 2) I cut Jeremy’s hair which I’ve been promising for weeks – I actually find him not as attractive when it gets too shaggy and then I can’t stand it, and then I wait three or four weeks and then I spend 15 minutes cutting his hair, 3) Vince’s computer broke and needed to be sent back for warranty repair 4) I was trying to help a friend get my job and I thought they’d be a shoo-in and they got a flat-out first round rejection, I feel like I gave bad advice 5) Jeremy is really busy at work and they are offering high level jobs to people and so he’s distracted (but in a good way I guess) 5.5) I applied to an internal year-long detail at work which was some work to do 6) someone who is supposed to be here at Xmas has covid 7) i’m afraid we might have gotten some sort of bug from Noah (he was coughing and his mom wasn’t feeling well when she went into labor), we still feel well though 8) our Civic, who I loaned to a dear friend, got into a fender bender, so there is that. Nothing life shattering, but, kind of a lot for one day. Oh yes, and Elka ate a pair of scissors. At least the handle end and not the sharp end.

But look at this beauty of a breakfast sandwich that Jeremy made me.

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  1. Hi! I am here from NGS’s blog. It sounds like you certainly have A Lot going on — I hope things settle down soon. That photo of your very guilty dog with those half eaten scissors (scissors!!!) made me laugh.

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