Vince is rocking his fluid dynamics class. Jeremy came into my office yesterday after we’d gotten this text and smiled and laughed at me and said – do you remember in 7th grade when you felt like he couldn’t do fractions and you bemoaned that he’d never learn math? Vince never was in the most advanced math class in high school and did not get 5s on any math AP exams that he took, always a little behind, always not caring very much. I totally remembered and totally believed that he didn’t understand fractions (he didn’t! I swear, we spent so much time going over the damn worksheets as if I myself were a seventh grader all over again), so I don’t really quite understand how he’s pulling this off right now because fluids involves partial differential equations which implies a good handle on, you know, fractions, but he is. Jeremy’s like – he’s doing better in fluids than either of us ever did. And for sure he is. I said, I guess this means that he can get the Navier-Stokes equation tattoo that he’s always wanted. And Jeremy said, yeah, he earned it. (vince, in no way is this condoning the Navier-Stokes tattoo on your body or any tattoo on your body). It’s finals week now, good luck Vince! Can’t wait for you to be home!!!! <3

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