Pizza and poop.

Jeremy had a chance to host dinner in Davis on Monday night for Vince and his friends. A pizza party starting at 8 pm, 11 pm east coast time – wayyyy late for Jeremy, but he was game. Jeremy got to meet Vince’s partner, Dani (sp?, I’m not sure, sorry Vince!) and that was, of course, very interesting to Jeremy and me. A pile of ChemE students is a lot of fun for Jeremy. And pizza too. The California trip is going well.

Here on the East Coast, I was taking advantage of a beautiful day to go hiking with my friend Kristen who was prepping to do her first night shift shift in a long time. We were about a 30 minute drive from our respective homes and then an hour into the hike when she started getting text messages from her daughter about not feeling well and could she come pick her up from school. As she was trying to coordinate that effort with her husband, I got text messages from Edda’s school saying that she was having bouts of diarrhea, and at first they couldn’t reach me because I was having fun and slightly ignoring my phone – they had had to call Jeremy in California and he tracked me down using the location tracker and found me in the middle of the woods and told the teacher – ummm, I’m in California and Doris is hiking with a friend. So both Kristen and I realized we both had to go and turned around and 90 minutes later, Edda was in the car with me and Elka (our non-human hiking partner).

Edda, of course, just to make it extra, had another loose stool in the car (she had already gone through her extra clothing that we provide and was now wearing lovely pink leggings that I think personally belonged to one of her teachers) and because Elka loves all kinds of yuck started nosing around in all of Edda’s nether regions to investigate (I had to pull a bunch of horse poop out of her mouth on the hike) and I was then yelling at Elka to stop trying to eat Edda’s poop.

Haha, it was a day. Actually, while I was going to bed, it was actually a very nice day. Edda doesn’t seem all that sick and didn’t have any more GI issues for the rest of the day. I got like 70% of my planned hike in. Edda’s teacher wasn’t in a huge rush and walked us to our car and we were able to chat amicably. Mike and Sofie came over for dinner bearing a homemade quiche and fed us and Ginny and Joab.

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