OK, let’s finish up last weekend now.

OK, let’s wrap this up. We had a light brunch with other out of town guests and then headed to the Vizcaya museum which reminded me endlessly of Encanto. Just waiting for the house to move and bring me a drink. I had to buy a hat at the gift shop here, I’d been going around the Miami sun without a hat all weekend and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Someone fancy had a fancy folding phone! Look at that. I had never seen that before. Samsung.

Jeremy was not idle during the weekend I was away. He and Edda went out with the DC Martins on Saturday night to celebrate Gene and Bette’s 65th wedding anniversary. That might be a stretch goal for us as Jeremy would be 95 and I’d be 91.

Sofie texted me on Friday if she could use our backyard for an egg hunt on Easter sunday. I said of course!, but I forgot to mention it to Jeremy. And Sofie didn’t really tell Mike either – so Ning and Brian and the baby kids showed up and hunted eggs in the backyard and Edda and Jeremy joined them and then Jeremy (who is good at this) threw together an Easter lunch for 8 (though one was not yet onto solid food) with what was in the fridge and pantry.

Elka was happy to meet the baby.

There was fingernail painting.

Too much! Too much!

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