Tie, suit, puppy.

Here’s Jeremy at the Capitol building in St. Paul with his friend, the lobbyist. Of course, the word lobbyist comes from the act of waiting in the lobby for legislators to come out so you can talk to them and that’s what Jeremy did for most of Monday. He waited in the lobby with the lobbyist and wore Dave’s wedding tie.

Jeremy, undeterred from our initial light rail experience, keeps riding the light rail even though all the local liberal, public transit oriented people he meets and knows – all tell him they gave up riding the light rail years ago. First, no one wears a suit anymore to anything anywhere and there he is – riding the light rail with his suit. He is literally the only white guy on the train. Yesterday, someone walks by him in the train car and brushes Jeremy’s suited shoulder and says – nice suit – and continues to walk on by.

He ate dinner on his own, in his suit (I presume) and played Pokemon Go on his phone the entire time and as he got up to leave and told the waitress thank you and that the meal was delicious, she answered with a jolly – “Go catch ’em all!” Jeremy is a ridiculous middle aged man.

Jeremy manages to cuddle a puppy who looks exactly like baby Elka.

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