We had a very social day today. In the morning, I went to see Kristen. We had planned on going paddleboarding, but the air was terrible and I actually preferred to go see the house she and her husband are renovating. During this visit to the house (beautiful! – she was self-conscious that it seemed not quite done and declared it a construction site, but it seemed more done than my house which remains, after 15 years, contractor white or as Jeremy said tonight just dirty white) I somehow ended up recommending a piercing place (Bethesda Tattoo) to her daughter and when I had to leave at noon to go back to work, they went off to the appointment and the daughter got two ear cartilage piercings. They, meaning Kristen and the daughter, are very enthusiastic about me getting an eyebrow piercing, but I don’t think I can do it when I’m dunking myself into the Potomac weekly.

At the same time, Jeremy’s friend Dan from Delaware came to buy one of Jeremy’s old bikes (the Surly Long Haul Trucker if you care), and they were going to ride, but the air was terrible and they spent a couple of hours chatting and fixing up some bike things and that was fun too. I’ve been working hard on getting rid of stuff in the house, posting on our neighborhood “buy nothing group” which I post things to give away everyday and people say they are interested and I pick one person and I leave the item on the porch and they pick it up and take it away – magic. Anyways, Jeremy did his part by selling his bike and because they are friends, they negotiated in reverse where Jeremy offered to sell at a low price to give his friend a fantastic deal and then his friend offered a too-generous price for such a used bike and after a few rounds settled in the middle. I know I’m a pretty dedicated exerciser, but the #1 thing I’m finding in the closet to give away are barely used exercise equipment that I get excited about and use for about a week and then give up on them. (gym rings, many types of balance boards, an aquajogger, etc., etc..)

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