Jeremy’s friend from high school, Tasha, is in town for a librarian conference. Jeremy has a lot of friends from high school and sees them more regularly than I see my friends from high school and I live like right next to my old high school. She arrived on Friday (the guest bedroom toilet decided to work again, fingers crossed) and on Saturday, the two of them went downtown to the African American museum and the Portrait gallery. It was hot and muggy, but the Portrait gallery has enclosed and climate controlled their central courtyard. Apparently it used to be the patent office? Tasha is an enthusiastic museum goer – so they were gone all day.

They visited Alexander “I’m not gonna lose my shot” Hamilton. I spent most the day doing laundry and finishing paperwork/bills/working. You know when you have fun, none of life’s administrative stuff gets done. Eliana and Edda hung out together and went to lunch out.

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