Vegan and poop again (of course).

I went to lunch with Amy this week at this place called Shouk in which everything is vegan. It was great to see Amy, we talked about running – she is the most consistent of runners that I know. I ordered the classic falafel which is what I ate most days for lunch when I was pregnant with Vince and now he is a falafel lover (no not really). It was delicious and just in time because a vegan friend of Jeremy is coming to visit this weekend and Jeremy loves to cook and can do vegetarian, gluten free, keto, all without trouble, but he has a tough time with vegan. So we have some chickpeas (my favorite plant based protein source) and we’ll see how it goes.

We have a guest bedroom in relatively heavy use rotation, but you know, no one tells you anything is wrong with the bathroom because they are your guests. But my mother-in-law kindly mentioned that the shower head didn’t work that well and the drain plug was stopped up and so I fixed it all a few weeks ago and because of the weekend poop/diarrheal fiasco which embargoed the use of the primary bedroom’s bathroom for about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon, Jeremy took a shower in the guest bedroom and later that afternoon he said – you are killin’ it, the guest bedroom has the best shower in the house now. So he asked that I replace his own showerhead with the one I got for the guest bedroom. So I did that and on a whim (I’m a bath person) I went into the guest bathroom to check it out myself yesterday and discovered that the toilet flushing mechanism has given up the ghost. I really need to replace the toilet and asked Jeremy to buy a toilet for me (did he buy one for me for Valentine’s day? Perhaps. I do enjoy a good toilet install.) I will not be able to fix it before the vegan friend comes to visit which is a slight embarrassment. Not truly a problem because there are other toilets to sit on. I just don’t want her to forget that it isn’t working and then have to call for help after, you know, going to the bathroom. Gah. My life is so boring.

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  1. Your life is so not boring. In fact, it’s pretty wonderful. Every time I read about your day it just makes me smile. It makes me happy.

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