Christmas. Still sick.

Christmas eve – Vince and I went to Pike and Rose to have some ramen and do some light shopping for nothing. Which included this hat from Uniqlo (with the eyeballs). We also went into Sephora and Vince happily tried on some fragrance and declared – I smell like a Yankee Candle – which was true.

We went to a local indie bookstore which was new to me too and spent the afternoon happily looking though stacks of used books.

Christmas Day – Jeremy remains sick and is still surrounded on all sides with crumpled up tissues. Vince gets a water pik (recommended by his dentist), Edda gets some clothes from friends, Jeremy wants some sort of weightlifting bar which is enormous and is not ordered yet, but will be once the gym is more organized and there is a place to put the bar. My family bought me a new mechanical keyboard which is clicky and types very fast.

As is our tradition, I took the kids and the dogs to my parents house for my father’s birthday McDonald’s meal. This is what my father wants and he had a 20% off coupon to boot. So we all had McDonald’s and gave the entire shift a Christmas red envelope. It was hopping for Christmas dinner. Nine people on staff and the drive thru was 5 cars deep the entire time.

During dinner, my mother got a phone call on the land line which is attached to a rotary phone. I had to take a photo. I told Vince, now pua pua is attached to the wall. I spent so much time in my youth attached to the wall on the phone.

I’m also doing some catsitting on the side (not at my house, I do house calls!). Say hello to flower!

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