Christmas Eve weekend.

Happy Christmas Eve – sending love to all of you out there. We are having a quiet Christmas eve weekend here, just the 4 of us. Vince was sick most of last week and Jeremy is sick now, so there is lots of time in bed and lots of quiet time watching a lot of TV. I think everyone will be better by Christmas, unless either Edda or I succumb to the cold today or tomorrow.

Last Thursday, we went to the annual Christmas party at Edda’s school. We had a lovely time – I think every year, it gets better and better. It used to be just like a “snack-y” party, but it has morphed into a potluck lunch of sorts and goes on for a longer time. Jeremy dressed well. I forgot to dress festively.

We are so lucky to have this community.

Good friends will scatter and move on.

We bring the expensive cupcakes every year and did so again this year. lol.

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