Dust, Kiki & Kappa, almond cake.

I bought myself a swiffer – which is one of those things I’ve enjoyed knowing about, but never actually held in my hand. I have never ever ever dusted anything in my life, but now I want to dust the entire house. I see cobwebs that are high and dust bunnies on ceiling fan blades. So I watched some youtube videos on “how to dust the house” and now I know. So I started to dust 15 years of dust from the high places in our house – high shelving, light fixtures, inside light fixtures, knick knacks. The house is very dirty. It turns out once you declutter objects in the house, you then go on to clean the house itself. Interesting. Or else it just means that I’m not busy enough which is also a possibility.

Vince got home on Saturday night and we’ve been busy, but in a very quiet sort of way. We started our Santa Candle tradition – thank you Christine!

Bob and Katherine are here a few nights to see Vince before heading to Sweden/Europe for the holidays. Louisa and Leon came by for dinner last night.

Vince made this delicious almond cake which kind of fell in the middle, but was very enjoyable and made a bowl to hold the blueberries.

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