Water main.

Ack. I don’t even want to post this photo lest the pipes burst and flood the house. Here’s our corroded main pipes with water leaks. I was wondering if I’d never noticed this before or if it’s new or what. Our beloved plumber is swamped this week, so he’ll come next week. Maybe it’s over the entire house – I hope not. We are going to also install a smart water shut off here at the main to prevent the house from flooding. Should detect unusual water flow activity and automatically shut everything off. The electrician helpfully said – well at least it’s the plumbing which runs only to the kitchen and the bathrooms – with electricity – it runs through the entire house so if you have to replace everything, it’s easier with plumbing. Ack again. seriously.

I was thinking of converting the house over to a living system. The plumbing is the circulatory system, the electric – the nervous system, the people are the brains, the wood – ortho (of course), insulation (fat), air handling is the pulmonary, garden is dermatology, pretty flowers is the makeup or plastic surgery. So if we go with this analogy, the heart of our house’s circulatory system needs some stentwork or bypass surgery and we’ll also install a pacemaker to make sure it runs OK.

Jeremy and I are practicing discussing these repairs and so far, so good. No arguments. Yet.

Here’s our EV charging outlet for a car we don’t have. Come and get it all charged up here! No waiting! There is also many enormous holes in the drywall all over the house.

One thought on “Water main.”

  1. Well, the sore lining is it repairable. And the plumber is right it’s not the electrical which is a huge move out of the house. Kind of job. Just take it from the biggest problem down to the smallest. It’s a hassle, but it’s Fixable. Sending you good thoughts and Dolly Parton vibes. P.S scott loveeees your. He is putting in an ev outlet and we don’t have elect car yet either🤔.

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