The day before the Fourth of July. We played pool all afternoon with a girl name Melissa. Went to the Millbrook house and went out to dinner with Ava at Les Beax. Saw the incredible outdoor pool complete with sand and playscape.

We had a wonderful week in California! It was cold and drizzling when we landed in LA. Maika and Brad’s wedding was set in beautiful Palos Verdes and I wore my dress that Katherine and Bob bought me in Germany. I missed most of Bob’s performance but got to see someone play the saw and a Krispy Kreme wedding cake. In Riverside we saw Emily and the Yan’s and spent a few hot days playing around and having a grand time. Then on Friday we drove to San Diego and the weather was perfect. There we learned about the phrase; “You’re slow, you’re never going to make it to the party.” We went to the beach. Just wonderful.

Friday night, we went to a drive-in movie in Hyde Park (Finding Nemo) and Vincie puked all over Jeremy and his new car. Saturday, we drove to the Palisades Mall, which is really far away and then to Doug’s birthday party on a boat and then to Asuka and Carrie’s house for dinner. 250 miles driven in one day. Today we took it easy with a bunch of dog walks on campus.

So we are still looking for a house. Argh!!! The weather is getting me down, it’s been raining in upstate NY all week. Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to DC and saw my family and Donald and all the Martins. We went swimming with Vincie and then went to Philly with Donald.

Vince is still very tempermental. I’m hoping it’s the teeth. We went walking with Asuka, Carrie and Philip on the Tivoli Bays trail. We walked to Tivoli and ate at a restaurant and walked back on a real trail. Asuka pushed the SUS with Vince in it over a bunch of rough terrain. Yesterday, Jeremy took me on a date. We saw “A Mighty Wind” and had dinner.