What a cold weekend. Watched 8 Women and started to watch the African queen. Jeremy made a wonderful curry chicken last night. Today we spent the day with the grandparents and hung out with Bob at the publicity shoot for his quartet.

On Wed, we had pizza and tutoring with Eileen and Lauren. Vince stayed up until all hours. The next morning we went to the playgroup and it was packed! Had dinner at China Rose with the family and Isabel. It is still brutally cold. Still inside watching videos. Today we went to the chinese market and what a scene. Mom is moving to Washington tomorrow. She FedExed dad some stir fried pork. Go figure!

Well, on Sunday, Jeremy’s family and Carrie and Asuka came over for dinner. It was a bit hectic. We had not seen Bob for about a month and the same was true for Carrie and Asuka. Jeremy made calzones, a mushrooml; a sausage; and a spinach and feta one. This is going to be a week indoors. It’s still pretty cold and unforgiving outside. We missed Eric and Colleen this weekend. They were in New York visiting Eric’s god daughter. Dad was in LA this weekend visiting all his brothers and sisters. Staying with Jane and Jim. Yesterday I went to the mall to stock up on next year’s winter clothes, but I just couldn’t do it.

Nothing much going on here. More cold weather. Our neighbor has tired of Jeremy’s plowing letters, oh well.. So much for that. Lots of videos. Made lasagne with oven ready noodles last night. Worked well. Getting into baking these days.

It is freezing cold here. Right now it’s 1 F. Brrrrr… We spent the past couple nights at the Martins. On Wed, we went to Isadora and Alex’s place and had a wonderful dinner with them. Jeremy had to leave early because he was tutoring Lauren. Vince played and played with Miroslav and Radoslav until almost 11. On Thursday, I went and did my glucose test at the hospital, then went to the playgroup. Hung out with Eileen for a few hours and went home to a doctors appointment and dinner with Emy. Today, Jeremy had a doctor’s appointment for his regular physical, first one in 15 years. And now we are home. It took 4 hours for the house to warm up from 45 degrees to 65 degrees.

We are back in our usual routine. Trudi is staying over with us until Bob and katherine get back from China. Jeremy came home early yesterday when he became frustrated over his computer not working.

Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas vacation is OVER. We drove to DC on Saturday evening with Ruby and Vince and made it to mom and dad’s house by midnight. Vince woke up and spent some time playing with their stuff and eating noodles. The next day, we saw Emily and Dan and went to their house in Cheverly and went to the Museum of Natural History and Vince ran through the exhibits. Had dinner at a Tapas Bar inChinatown of all places. On Monday, we went swimming in the afternoon and went to the zoo with my parents. The day was beautiful and the zoo was wonderful. Then one Tuesday, we went to Christine and Seth’s place for pizza and cheesecake. The kids had a great time and ran around for hours. On Wed, new years eve, we went shopping for all the people in Philly, went swimming (Vince LOVES swimming) and then had hot pot for dinner and we talked about Taiwan and China a lot. In Philly, we stayed with Tina and Caleb for two nights. We saw Gargi and Nirangin for 6 hours, saw Amy Freese for a few hours where I got all inspired about doing indoor exercising and also saw Tim and his girlfriend of one year, Aisha. Ruby also behaved herself amazingly well with all the doggies she met and also Vince had a good time. We got home last night and Ben and Emy came by for dinner, today we hung out a Bard. Ben is going back to NYC tomorrow. The rents sold 4 Duke St for their full asking price last night. Whew. Unbelievable!

What a Christmas. We drove over to the Martins on Wed morning and just got back Friday night. On Wed, while I walked the doggies over to Blythwood, Jeremy, Ben and Emily went shopping for a ham and Xmas goodies. We had tacos for dinner on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, we ate stollen for breakfast and had a Christmas gift orgy where everyone got oddles of stuff. Jeremy was especially pleased with his gaiters and gloves and I love my Palm Pilot case from Ben. Vince got loads of stuff, including these great blocks from Gene and Bette. His tricycle was defective, so hopefully we can get that replaced. Then after that, we took a nap in the car and then the Rozman’s came over and we had ham, mac and cheese for dinner. Today, we packed, Bob and Katherine for their trip to China, us for our trip to DC. Jeremy and I went on a date to the Black Swan. Yummy!

Ohhh, what a social weekend. On Sunday, we were invited to dinner at Erdam and Eloina’s place and had a German dinner of false rabbit and pickled cabbage. Vince and Victoria get along really well together. On Monday, we hung out with the Smiths and had lunch, walked around town and made Xmas cookies. Tonight, we went to see Ava and her granddaughter and had dinner with them. Vince was fabulous during dinner, didn’t make a huge fuss and even got a compliment from a diner in the room.