Back after a bit of a break blogging…

Today I hung out with LInz in Oakland, where we visited The Cheese Board Coop which is own by the same folks that do The Arizmendi Bakery that a bunch of us used to frequent in the Sunset District back in the day.

So I loaded up on all my favorites – Brioche Knots, Wolverines. Yum. The other nice thing is that this bakery if a bunch cheaper than the bakery by my house. So I was able to get a whole lot more stuff. I’m muching on a Wolverine right now.

At least the weather was beautiful.

This morning I did the longest run of my 5K training program – an hour of running, just about 6 miles. I am very fond of my running group. We are kind of a quiet bunch, but without them, I’d give up after the first mile and today I ran 6 miles, no problem.

This afternoon, to take advantage of the beautiful weather, we went apple picking.



There was a corn maze.


Missing all the fun.

While I was at work today, Jeremy and the kids made sugar cookies, went to the park and considered looking for red wiggler worms for our compost bin in horse manure at the neighborhood stable.


The kids are kicking butt these days. Edda is slowly getting potty trained. We did try a year ago, but now I think she really gets it. We are aiming for timed potty breaks where every 2 hours or so we put her potty. She’s still wearing her diapers, but she’s pooping in the potty pretty reliably. She’s also slowly, slowly learning to feed herself again. She really lost all her self feeding skills, but we are on an upswing, she got a grape in her mouth the other day and as a bonus did it in front of her OT. And we swear she’s trying to say some words. Go Edda! Vince is learning to read and write new words everyday. Today he wrote “I see a dog” on the fridge whiteboard. Crazy, the kids are getting big!


After the homework is done and the teeth are brushed, Jeremy reads the Phantom Tollbooth out loud. I’ve never read the story before. We have some friends who named their child after the main character (Milo) because they loved the book so much. (Also that crazy New Yorker cartoonist is the illustrator.)


A peek from near my office building.


Building roads.

They are starting construction on the sidewalk between the house and the library. Finally! We’ll be able to walk to the library without crossing the street twice. They are doing a reasonably good job at saving as many mature trees as they can.


Fall is my favorite time of year. I know all the leaves are dying, but I just love the beginning of the school year and the crispness of the fall air.


Vince has about 10 minutes of homework every night from both his schools. Here he is working on some Chinese homework.


Relaxed weekend.

Edda at breakfast.


We finally installed the safety gates at the top of the stairs so we don’t have to leave Edda trapped in her room if no one else is upstairs.


Ripped up newspaper for our new worm composting system. Now we only have to get the worms…


Vincent on his way to Chinese school. Note not only his green sunglasses, but a whole bag of moon cakes. It’s not only Yom Kippur, it’s also Moon Festival time.


Vince striking a pose (with his teacher) during Chinese school. He’s explaining to his class in a hilarious mix of English and Chinese all the members of our family.


Moon cakes all around.


Sunday night dinner!



Kid trade off.

Tonight Jeremy wanted to go to a Haverford beer night, so he met me at the train station and we switched kids and cars. The kids were already fed and burped. I just needed to sit Vince through 4 pages of homework. Normally, it’s one page a night – handed out on Monday and due Friday, but we lost his homework and we had to get a new copy.

I’m really enjoying my job so far, there is a lot to learn and understand. I started with a bunch of people from all different stages in life, there are moms, young just married people, folks over 50, kids just out of school and sleeping on slowly deflating air mattresses. Also people from anywhere and everywhere. It’s fun.

The commute goes pretty quickly and I made it to the gym the second day in a row. I’m a little angst-ridden about my camera, I want to bring it everywhere, but it’s pretty big and I’m not sure what I want to take photos of during my day.

The gym.

I joined the gym at work today. It’s a really nice gym, at least 5-6 aerobics classes a day and so many machines that there is no waiting time even at lunch. I ran a 5K on a treadmill today – a little under 34 minutes. Tomorrow, if the beautiful weather holds up, I’m going to try running along the Potomac.