Happy post-Thanksgiving y’all.  The Martin gathering was up at Bard this year and even my parents and Donald all made it up to there despite the huge snowstorm centered on Bob and Katherine’s house.  My mom made her traditional egg rolls which has been on the Martin Thanksgiving menu since 1997.

I didn’t take many photos of Thanksgiving, but it was lovely with all the family and friends we haven’t seen in a long time. I present here some photos that Donald took on their road trip up and back.  I look a lot like my mom, huh?

We are now all decompressing from the drive down today.  It was a mess.

Thanksgiving Dinner

After driving 10 hours from Oak Ridge, TN to IAD (Dulles International Airport) to pick up Donald, I didn’t drive at all yesterday from Washington DC to Bard College in New York.  Donald drove all the way, about 6 hours.

There, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy folks and their friends.  It was snowing lightly outside and looked very pretty.

Today, we are going to drive back to Washington DC and I will keep installing some of the safety stuffs in the house that I think it is needed, such as moving sensing lights at entrance, door way & stairs.  And may install more grab bars.

Sunday, I will be back to work.


Vince went camping with the scouts this weekend.  It got to 15 degrees on Friday night.  Vince forgot his coat at school on Friday and was going to leave for this campout with only a sweatshirt in hand.  I had been bugging Vince all week about underdressing to go to school (shorts/T-shirt) but usually I let that go 99% of the time because 15 minutes in 30 degree weather in shorts isn’t going to kill him, but I drew the line at going camping in below freezing weather with a sweatshirt.  I gave him the puffy jacket off of my back and when he got home, he admitted that the coat was very helpful.


Vince has been mucking around in the garage a bunch the past few weeks.  I’m not exactly sure what he is doing, but he seems to be enjoying himself.  Lots of sanding, hammering and spray painting.

He takes his PPE seriously.

Just for Mom

After having a nice dinner for Mom’s birthday yesterday, today I am busy with things just for Mom.  
Since Mom hurt her left arm (due to her second fall this year), it is difficult for her to take the straight stairs down.  Of course, she can always use the curvy one instead.  But, just too in-convenient. Therefore, I finished an additional hand rail on the right (Picture I).  
She like to take a bath in the tub, but it is difficult for her to get in.  So, I installed a grab bar for her (Picture II).  
For the shower place, just to be super cautious, I installed a vertical grab bar also (Picture III).
I also replaced all the mats with anti-slippery ones (Picture IV).
Since I am going to remove all wooden boards in her garden, I did buy 30 bags of mulch today as re-placement.  
Suddenly, after I finished all these.  I really think I am old because our house right now is a senior-friendly type with all these bars, mats, etc.
Oh, for two toilets (one in her bath room, one downstairs), I have ordered two hand rails from Amazon two.  They haven’t arrived yet.  I probably can put it up next weekend when I come back again.


Mom has been coming here for dinner the past few days.  She’s trapped in her house because she really can not drive with her bum shoulder.  I’m glad that when I’m as old as my mother and have the same broken shoulder, there will be a car that exists that drives itself (with me in it).

A few days ago, Jeremy bought an amount of kimchi that was larger than the volume of his head.  I do not like kimchi, but Jeremy and Vince are big fans.  I wonder how long it will take them to finish off the whole bucket.

Vince also loves my mom’s shrimp and last night we found out why.  It’s because she puts an entire bottle of ketchup into the dish.



I know compared to some parts of the country, there is nothing to complain about, but it’s crazy cold here.  Crazy.  Here’s Jeremy dressed up for his morning bike ride to the Metro.  He left and had to come back because he forgot his phone.

This is what fall is suppose to look like:

Tea parties on the back porch.  Bring fall BACK!

Odds / ends.

Look how big Edda is getting!  So toothy in this photo.  Also dressed somewhat like a hipster farmer.  Taken just before heading up for a shower.  Maxi is barking her head off in the background because she’s afraid of the big camera with the telephoto lens.  So any photo that you see on this blog in our living room/kitchen/dining room, just imaging loud, insane barking as part of the soundtrack.

Every week I try to fold the clean laundry before Maxi finds the pile and settles down.  I usually fail.  But I try ALL THE TIME.  This is one of my habits that Jeremy finds *slightly* annoying.  What’s that? Pulling out an undershirt from the clean pile with ten thousand little black hairs on it is annoying? I am otherwise perfect.  Ha ha!