labor day.

Happy Labor Day!  Here’s Vince and Hector with a dry ice soap bubble.

Here’s our time lapse dishwasher install.  We didn’t start installing it until 4 in the afternoon – quite late for us and we’d already spent 3 hours in the sun at brunch earlier in the day so we were tired and sun-worn-out.  It was not an auspicious start.  But I’m very happy that 1) we did not need to go at all to Home Depot and 2) we did not argue one bit.  Not one bit.  We were often just about to argue, especially when we started to get hungry, but we backed off and had some sandwiches and went back to work.  I think we were both on our best behavior – lots of please-s and thank you-s.  That goes a long way.

Ruby is sleeping on our couch.  It makes me happy because it means she can still jump up on the couch.  Almost once a day, I tiptoe to where she’s sleeping quietly and peer ever so nervously at her body and wonder if she’s dead.  But she’s not dead, not yet.  She’s just sleeping.  She’s having trouble going up the stairs now.  I started lifting weights earlier this year because I need to be able to lift Edda, but really – now I need to lift Ruby.


Edda and I on a car ride over to Eric and Colleen’s for Labor Day brunch.


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