Mustache, maggots, finally an appointment.

I was 100% enthusiastic about the quarantine beard until about a week ago when I decided it was like (as the song says) kissing Santa Claus. We momentarily contemplated dying the beard blue for a day before having him shave it off, but we didn’t do it because 1) we are lazy. 2) maybe his skin would turn blue and that would be awkward on Zoom calls to have a blue chin. He paused mid-shear to take a quick photo with just the ‘stache. He tweaked his back last weekend helping me lift the toilet into place when I was replacing it and then further tweaked it yesterday lifting Edda from an awkward position off the floor. He’s been in pain most of the day. No fun.

In an act of true love, I cleaned out our garbage can which was infested with maggots. This involved taking all the garbage bags out of the can, rebagging all the bags, spraying down the can whilst maggots swarmed all around, placing all the garbage back into the can, waiting for the garbage collectors to come take the garbage and recleaning the now empty trash can (with still some maggot-y maggots hanging out). This kind of thing (which disgusts Jeremy) does not bother me. Jeremy took on the making of the complex doctor appointments for Edda. Our pediatric dentist was having a hard time finding a good referral, so we got a lead to the Children’s dental department. Our ortho, who we love and did Edda’s scoliosis surgery, said that he’d be happy to consult in. On Monday, Jeremy called the appointment line and couldn’t even get in the queue to make the appointment, he called 6-7 times and the appointment line would hang up on him. Tuesday, he called and the recorded message said they only take appointments on MWF from 8:30 to 3:30. On Wed he called and waited on hold for 90 minutes and they said all the appointments for July were full, but they would start taking appointments for August starting on Friday. On Friday he called right at 8:30 and got an appointment for August 5th. Then our peds dentist also came through and got us a referral to the University of MD, so we also made an appointment there. I’d take maggot cleaning over 90 minute hold time any day.

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  1. Love the beard/stache. Very 3 musketeers looking. However, I have no idea in the heat how men ever can stand to grow hair on their faces! Sorry about the back. That sounds disc (y) be careful! recuperating is much better than a back surgery.

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