Bike update.

OK, here is a clearer photo of the trainer – no wheels really, just a frame. The nice thing about getting this trainer over the weekend is that he could pack his bike carefully on Monday night to make sure it made weight for the flight and then not have to unpack it all to do his last workout this morning.

Jeremy is a very talented athlete. Almost always he’s in the top quarter of the field in his virtual world of whatever ranking, frequently he’s in the top 10%. Every once in a while, he’ll happily tell me he’s posted the fastest time of the year on a particular segment. I, on the other hand, am mostly just hard working – ish. I’ll put in a good workout and I’ll barely eke out top half of just 40-49 year old women on the treadmill, which honestly, makes me feel bad sometimes (mostly not very often – but sometimes.), but whatever. But Jeremy totally outworked me this year. Completely, absolutely, easily doubled my running time. I think he regularly put in 13-15 hours of training a week on his bike – mostly in our indoor gym. I am simultaneously super impressed and also think he’s totally crazy. This is also kind of where our personalities show themselves, I am a generalist and can and like to get to 80-85% competency quickly doing the simplest, most straightforward things and then call it good enough and then turn to other things – like yoga and strength training or quilting or nursing or whatever. Jeremy is a specialist and likes to get to 98% competency doing only one thing and getting to the last bits of incremental improvement by paying more attention to details and tweaking little things (ask me how much I’ve talked to him about different types of granola bars/gatorade/kool-aid/cliff bars/gels, etc – a bazillion hours which, for my own training, has never once occurred to me to think about).

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