Edda vs seizures.

Yesterday, the leftovers of Ida made it to Maryland and MCPS closed down two hours early. But even before that, Edda’s school had no power and no AC and was sent home earlier. So I had her as my officemate for most of the day.

Edda’s seizures held steady (meaning none) all summer on 1000 BID Keppra and 600 mg am and 900 mg pm of Trileptal. So once summer camp was over, we wanted to wean her off of Keppra and we did it 250 mg BID per week, so that would have taken us 4 weeks, but we made it only three until her seizures came back (2 in two days about 2 days after the dose lowering change) at a dose of 250 BID Keppra. So all of us sighed and ramped back up to 500 mg BID Keppra. So we are holding steady at that dose. Though it’s hard to really tell, I thought as we were lowering the dose that Edda was laughing and enjoying herself more. But I have a feeling we are right on the edge of seizure control. She’s doing lots of weird eyebrow things which are a precursor seizure activity. But we’ll hold at 500 mg and see how it goes. We celebrated (ha!) by buying a hospital grade pill crusher. We had been mortar and pestle-ing the pills in something meant to crush herbs I think and leaving little circle indentations in our dining room table every time we crush the pills, but now we are resigned to forever crushing pills, so I bought the medical grade one.

Vince moved into a very nice apartment yesterday (brand new, own bedroom, dishwasher (?!)) and met his roommate’s family. We got to FaceTime with him and meet his roommate. He spent time emptying his storage unit and settling into his room. Today is grocery shopping.

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