Negative! kind of.

So I’m testing negative this morning. I still feel a glob of phlegm in the back of my nose/top of my throat. It’s not very mobile, it’s quite sticky, so I’m trying to drink water to loosen it up. If you hold this test up to the light, there is ever so slight of a line – but I’m taking this as not being very contagious which is good because we are done with our spring break – it’s back to work and school now. Edda has a bunch of appointments this week.

Jeremy is having a terrible time. Each time he has a viral infection and it resolves, then he’s hit with a course of hives. This one is pretty bad, he’s been waking up in the middle of the night with itchy/swollen hands. His face is swollen, there are hives all over his body. He’s gone through Benadryl, Claritin and now Allegra. I think Benadryl works the best, but it just knocks him out and he doesn’t like that. This is going to be more than 2 weeks of feeling bad for Jeremy. Poor guy. I think as he gets older, this weird reaction is getting worse.

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