My compost pile.

Jeremy has been wanting to turn the compost pile ever since the weather warmed up. Saturday night, I was dumping yet another pile of kitchen scrap into the compost when I tapped the side of the plastic contraption too hard and it sprung open. I guess it was a sign that I needed to turn the compost right at that moment. We are not very diligent composters, we don’t turn it often enough and because of that, it is a little smelly. Therefore, I smelled.

My compost = vegetable scraps and shredded junk mail.




Star diner.

My parents took the day off today to look after the kids as I needed to be in at work today and Jeremy is off in the woods singing camp songs. This Monday, (well every other Monday) is known in the office as “count Monday” where your work for the past two weeks gets tallied and churned through the electronic bureaucracy and if your not there to keep an eye on the process, well some things that you worked so hard on might not get counted and there you go with less credit than you deserve/thought you had.

Since my parents were in town for the weekend, we tried out a new diner on Sunday morning and in order to beat the lines, we showed up at 7:30am. (We were not the first ones there). Here we are at Star Diner where we played a few songs on the jukebox and ordered chocolate chip pancakes.



I’m overwhelmed today. Jeremy is going to be at an overnight work retreat (who knew that work ever had retreats, I wonder if they are going to making s’mores, grrrr) for the next few days, our childcare is uncertain as our nanny is going to orientation for her new job on Monday and Tuesday and perhaps be out of our employ starting Wednesday, Vince is still not well, Edda’s school called last week about white spots on her tongue which they suspect is thrush and is highly contagious which seem to me to be how her tongue has always been, I’m moving offices and getting a new boss next week and trying to make a good impression and this buying-a-house thing makes me unhappy and on edge because I just see – instead of a lovely home with dinners, family and fun, I just see a big mortgage bill and property tax bills. We’ll be fine, I know, all of it isn’t a big deal one piece at a time, but it’s a lot at once and I’m frayed.

Here’s a tree in our neighborhood that got hit by lightning last week. I don’t think the tree is hurt too badly, just strips of bark have been blown off the tree.

(edit: I just googled trees and lightning and found out that this tree is most likely going to die because it won’t be able to protect itself from disease or from the winter weather. Sigh.)


Ferry Ride.

Biked across the golden gate today. It was a beautiful day.

A lot of my brain power has been used up on my ex-gf these past couple of weeks. It’s been really hard to push aside, considering all my friends hang out with her on a twice weekly basis and they jabber about her all the time. Anyhow, I’ve come to the realization that she’s basically like my parents – that she’ll never love me in the way that I want to be loved (as a friend i mean). How does this help me? Not sure, since I don’t have the best relationship with my parents to begin with. Laff. At some point I suppose I’ll have to change. I guess that’s the rub…

Also a funny link.

Working hard and juggling.

Our wonderful nanny, who is now qualified to be a nurse, got a wonderful job this week. So now the juggling starts – there are 4 weeks until our au pair comes. Our nanny is still willing to help us out when she can, my job is getting more flexible albeit far away and Jeremy can work from home in an emergency, so with the three of us (and help from our far flung parents who are coming in to pinch hit) we are going to make it the 4 weeks. I started today by putting in a 12 hour day today – I left before the kids woke up and then I came home after they were in bed. I worked 12 hours today because I had to stay at home yesterday to hang with Vince who is sick and tomorrow I need to stay home with both Vince (who is still sick) and Edda (who may or may not have a case of oral thrush). And I will have to go in on Saturday if I don’t want to exhaust all my sick leave and vacation time.

I wanted to post a picture of my tissue box. I got a compliment on it today!


Ruth and Yushan.


Last night, we had 2 people over for dinner. Even though they both live in Southern California and they are both our friends, they did not know each other. You see that Ruth has purple curls in her hair and Yushan is wearing the standard engineer’s uniform of a polo shirt in a single color.

Jeremy had neglected to tell me that one friend would be spending the night and therefore I neglected to clean out the bathroom of the guest room, which is where I take my daily bath and the ring around the tub was really gross.