Laff. Well that was the biggest earthquake I’ve been thru. Probably the largest one since back in… 1999 at work. laff. All our friends are instantly online chatting away about it. Apparently Choon and Pei-Sun’s cats were running all over the place. Laff. At least this time I had enough sense to stand under a doorway.

Updated: Here’s a smattering of status updates from my friends on facebook:

– A is intrigued by how the earthquake “passed” through the house.
– B is glad there haven’t been any aftershocks…and hopes she didn’t just jinx it.
– C is still woozy from the earthquake.
– D is living in earthquake country. Rockin’ and rollin’.
– E is freaked out by the quake she just felt…
– F is surprised by the strength of the earthquake.
– G is amused by the reaction of everyone in the library during the earthquake.
– H is startled after a 5.6 earthquake!

Of course, the most amusing one was done 30 minutes ago and the only non earthquake related status update in the last 2 hours:

– J is searching for a left triple STI shifter [bike part].

Yet Another Wedding…

Laff. This weekend is going to be another wedding filled weekend. I’m going to be MCing for Vicki and Pauli’s wedding. I guess this is the third wedding that I’m officially involved in some non-wedding party support role. Laff. While I think this won’t be as much prep time for Choon and Pei-Sun’s wedding, there’s still some pressure to think about lines, and think about how to move the party along. I’d almost rather give the officiant’s speech actually. Hrm…

Weekend Update…

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend. I’ve been so tired for the past week, that I’m falling asleep at meetings or at my desk all the time. So I thought that this weekend would be a good weekend to relax and chill out.

Friday, I went and hung out with Lindsay in the east bay where we had Zachary’s Pizza. There were 4 of us, and we managed to almost get thru 2 medium deep dish pizzas, which was pretty amazing. I found it funny when Lindsay’s boyfriend, mentioned that they are putting him up at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in SF for a team building for their law firm and yet they won’t give him new keyboard for his computer.

Saturday, an bunch of us went out biking. We went up Redwood Gulch, which kicks up to an amazing 19%. I felt bad for one guy, who was on a tri bike and only had a 11-21 cassette on the rear. That’s gearing for going on flats only, and it would be hard on some standard climb of 6-8%

Saturday afternoon and Sunday was just sitting at home, watching some Robotech DVD’s that Stan (finally) let me borrow, watching old episodes of What Not To Wear and watching all the NFL games and managing my fantasy team. And the Redskins got blown out. But next week, my oh my, am I looking forward to the Indy-Pat’s game. That’s basically the Super Bowl right there.

Oh also, Doris, I was thinking of stopping by home for Turkey day on my way back from Paris. I’ll call you guys tomorrow to figure it out.

Dog issues.


I’ve always wanted to find a family where we would be able to exchange dog sitting services. We all hate the kennel, the last time we left town, we left Ruby in a kennel and I think she didn’t poop for 3 days.

I found out a few weeks ago that our neighbor (who also has a largish type dog) also had a tough time with the kennel that she chose, so we decided to trade sitting services. Great! This week, Magic’s parents are heading south to warmer weather, so we have a new family member for a week.

Magic is a year old and male and larger than Ruby. They kind of get along, but also kind of are still deciding who is dominant. Magic is male and bigger, but Ruby is older and not about to let a whippersnapper take her alpha dog position, especially in her house.

This “discussion” of alpha between the two led to some concrete displays of superiority which resulted in Edda walking around with poop on her feet for – oh maybe an hour?. Vince had yelled at us, “Edda’s poopy” but we didn’t think to check her feet. So all over the first floor of the house are these little poopy footprints.

I think it has all settled down, but I think Ruby is losing the battle unfortunately.

Sugarloaf mountain.

When Katherine was here last week, we followed my father’s suggestion and headed up to see Sugarloaf Mountain. When I was a child, I would hear about folks going to this mountain and I thought it was hours and hours away. It turns out that it’s really close to the house and the leaves were turning. I love fall! My favorite season.


Me and my babies.


Midweek Update

I’ts been a tiring couple of weeks. Work has picked up quite a bit and there’s some pressure to move into the true production phase of our project. We’re interviewing some people, and I generally dislike the entire interview process. It’s way too much pressure to measure up to when I’m on the other end of it. It can be a pretty demoralizing process. I don’t like being on the receiving end of it, so I generally don’t like being on the giving end of it either.

Socially, I’ve picked up a new crowd of friends in the city. Looks like there’s a core contigent of Andrew, Christina, Ann, Stan and I. It’s pretty nice. We go salsa dancing together. Last night we played bridge at Christina’s. I must say that everyone there is a total foodie. So much so that I feel pretty inadequate, cause everytime I go over to someone’s house, there’s a 5 course brunch or homemade random desserts – yes, desserts, plural. Last night Christina made a chocolate cake and freakin’ sugar donut holes. Yeah, like home fried in a vat of oil. Andrew made some cinnamon scones. And this was a non-food focused night. Sigh.

Here’s an MIT related news bit. Those Wellesly chicks. 😛 jk.