Toro. The anti PDA cat.

I suppose equal air time is in order, so here’s Toro, in his bed. I think she’s not so happy with me, tho I managed to somewhat force a kiss out of that cat. So she got to eat today. We’ll see if it happen tomorrow. Winston is very funny. He keeps dragging out Pei-Sun’s clothes into the living room and … ah … sorta goes at it. It’s very strange. I don’t even know where he’s getting the clothes from! But there’s like a sweater, a skirt, a blanket, and one other item I’m forgetting at the moment. I’m just folding them up and creating a laundry pile on the dining room table.

Tonight was relaxing. Just came home, watched Strictly Ballroom, and tried to make a lemon drop with some _really_ sour lemons from Choon’s tree. Oye.

Metro fun.

I worked late tonight, I’m trying to make up some hours because Jeremy’s going to be traveling soon and I’m going to have to go to work late a few days in a row – I don’t think I can ask the sitter to come at 5:30 am so I can get to work on time. So tonight I got on the Metro at 6:45 and at that hour, there is less of the “I’m so exhausted, I can’t wait to get home” mood and more of the “Oh, let’s go out to dinner and a beer” mood.

Look, this cute couple – I think they were on their first date. I’m not sure though, because I think they were speaking Portuguese. But they were laughing like crazy and close together, but not too close.


Here’s a doggie who I guess is suppose to be some sort of helpful dog. I wish Ruby could ride the Metro.



So I’m housesitting this month for Choon & PS.Just took them to the airport today. I can’t believe they brought a 4″ memory foam topper as baggage. It’s for PS’ sister in Singapore, but they are making a stopover in Taiwan first.

Of course, this means that I am taking care of their two cats, Toro and Winston (pictured). I have my set of rules about how to feed them. Winston has to sit first before he gets his food, and he gets a little less than toro since he’s a smaller cat. That went fine. But for Toro, not only is he supposed to sit, but he’s supposed to kiss me too before he gets any food. Sufficed to say, I have no idea how this is accomplished since I never actually saw Pei-Sun feed them. Is he supposed to kiss me before sitting? On the cheek? What really counts as a kiss? I tried twice anyways, and Toro’s going hungry tonight. He’s looking kinda miffed at the moment, glowering at me from the corner of the room…

The logistics phase of marriage.

Abruptly, we have entered the “logistics” phase of marriage. It seems like every encounter between me and Jeremy ends up being a discussion of logistics and planning. OK, who’s going to be home in time to relieve the babysitter, who can cover Thursday’s dental appointment and oh, could you remember to call the realtor and pay the credit card bill and also on Friday, I need to go out to a work dinner, so you’ll need to come home 30 minutes early…

A few weeks ago, we discussed the logistics of getting the mail from the mailbox. Who gets to get it and open it, where to recycle the junk mail, what trays we need to sort the mail – it was a 25 minute discussion on household mail processing. See how exciting being married can be? Call the reality shows.


Last night Vanessa invited me out to another last minute dance party. The preparty was over at Tina's and again, I didn’t know anyone there. Jane was around so we talked a bit. Funny that she’s only hung out with Ted a couple times at best. So she really doesn’t know Ted at all. Funny how connections are made in this world.

Anyhow we moved off to a lounge in the Mission and here's my wonderful low light photo of people dancing. Someone almost left the bar with my jacket. I managed to stop him, but man I would have been pissed.

Bad haircut month.

I declare February bad haircut month. Some we paid good money for, others were cut by a parent who shall remain nameless.

Let’s start with me. It’s not too bad a little uneven at some points, I did have to fix it myself by cutting off half an inch in the front that somehow was missed. Also, I’m teetering on the subtle male/female line.


Jeremy’s main complaint is that his haircut is too short. You can call him Sarge and don’t get him mad, or else he will make you do pushups.


OK, OK, I cut Edda’s hair and you can’t tell too much from this photo how badly the haircut turned out, but I tried to give her a baby-doll hair cut. I did it while we were in the tub and she fell asleep on me and then I had to try and cut her hair while holding her head above water and then I just got frustrated and stopped. (I did fix it yesterday, it looks much better now.)


And the piece de resistance! Vince’s haircut. He refuses to let me touch his hair anymore because he says he loves it.


It’s winter around here.

A little sleet is falling around the DC area, schools have been canceled. I am home today with the kids – all day – all by myself, it has been a while since I’ve done this, I’m a little rusty; Vince is still in his PJs watching youtube at 2:45pm.

Ruby is sick, sick, sick. She was scheduled to have her teeth cleaned today, but I had to cancel because she puked twice in the last 24 hours and this morning, she refused to eat her breakfast – such unRuby-like behavior.

This is what it’s been like (I took this photo a few days ago while I was walking to the Metro after work).