Just another Friday.

We are patiently awaiting Mom’s arrival.

In the meantime, I’m trying to practice some piano. Today I actually practiced at my music school.


Vince went on a field trip to a fish farm. He aquired 2 new members of the family – Crash and Boom.


We got invited to Mr. Sherwin’s (an OT at Edda’s school) birthday party. A lot of the staff from Edda’s school were there. It was such a nice BBQ.


We stayed for 3 hours, which was longer than I thought we would stay. I was waiting for Jeremy to come to the party from work, but he had to work a bit later than usual. The kids were almost all worn out by the time he arrived. Here’s Edda and Ms. Lisa – Edda is about ready to fall asleep.


Thinking of Touching my Eyeballs…

I’ve held out most of my life here, but I think it’s time I actaully get some contact lenses. I know, I know. This means that I’ll end up touching my eyeballs, which can’t be a good thing. But I think it would help me out a ton doing “active” things that have the potential to ruin my nice eye glasses.

I would still wear my glasses 95% of the time. I’ll probably pick up a set of prescription sunglasses to ride with. But there are occasions where I’d want the contact – swimming, surfing, etc…

Plus. I’ve got about $500 in a health care spending account that I have to burn before the end of the year.

Colleen’s visit.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been bringing Vince with me to Edda’s therapy appointments. Edda goes with a therapist to a room upstairs and we hang out in the waiting room; I used to go with her, but often she cries and whimpers for me to save her from the evil balance board practice.

Vince and I used to sneak into the other empty rooms and play on all the equipment – ladders, swings, trampolines, mats, balls. Sometimes we would convice other kids in the waiting room to come and play with us. It was great fun. But, we’ve been soundly scolded for using the equipment without a supervising therapist. Boo hoo. So now, for the last 15 minutes of Edda’s appointment, we go into her room and play.



Diane and Edda


Last night, Colleen (Jeremy’s cousin Eric’s wife) came over for dinner. She brought a friend – Ena. They were here for the IMF/World Bank meeting. Both Colleen adn Ena have 2 young kids. For a year they have been planning that after the meeting, they would fly to Bangkok and have a great girls vacation. Of course, on the last day of the meeting, the military coup happened in Thailand. Colleen was going to go anyway, but Eric talked her out of it. They went to Manila instead. Somehow less exciting than Bangkok, but perhaps no tanks are there.


About to be sick.

The kids have been threatening to get sick. Vince has a tinge of a cough and Edda has been sneezing and her nose has wisps of snot every once in a while.

We have been lucky with our long run of good health. It’ll just be my luck that both the kids will fall sick just as soon as Mom comes into town and Jeremy has to leave for a conference.

My Gums Hurt…

Man I don’t know what’s going on with my gums lately. They are really tender and I’m starting to get come cold sores on my tongue. I bet it’s cause I’ve been stressed the past like 3 weeks! ha.

The list reads like this:

– 3 dates
– 3 relationship issues with friends and their SO
– pressure at work
– ted blowing up at anh
– dealing with anh and her debt and her guy problems.

I haven’t been sleeping well, or eating a lot. I’ve lost all the weight I’ve gained from my Singapore trip and i’m back down to about 171…

One of my friends joked to me that that what parenthood was like – losing sleep, being stressed, and eating poorly. Man you parents are a tough bunch!

Bumming around.

I’ve been staying home this week, no playdates, no big ambitious outings, I’m a bit bored. Of course, now that I have my computer back, I spend entirely too much time online and it messes with my moods.

Vince was clearly being worn out from all the extra activites and the first thing he did was to stop eating because he’s so excited about having friends around. Then he gets a bit weepy and tantum-y. So this is a quiet week. He’s eating more and happy watching a bit more TV.

Week in Review!

OK! I got my computer back! New keyboard – no missing “.” key, no spilled lime juice stickyness. (they even fixed something I didn’t know was broken – the battery case clip). It’s practically brand new.

OK, week in review..

Went to a party with a trampoline


At party, there was a BBQ including these beautiful mussles:


Went to a therapy session:


Went downtown during the weekend where the parking lot was:


Saw line dancing complete with country music and a cowboy hat at our local shopping mall:


Climbed to the top of a high jungle gym:



Yet another therapy session:


Went to the UN day at Edda’s school


Vince enjoys ice cream and made a Froot Loop necklace:



Well, suppose the date was okay. I can’t say I was very witty or engaging or insightful. It’s been a rough weekend, but suppose that’s no excuse. I couldn’t tell if she was bored and just making small talk. She probably was. Oh well. That’s how the cookie crumbles. A bit bummed out.